Sutton Housing Partnership has recently issued four injunction notices on leaseholders who have undertaken unauthorised alterations to their flats, and are renting rooms out as separate dwellings.

Such alterations are a breach of the lease and are also unsafe for the people living in them, and the building as a whole.

If you’re a leaseholder please remember:

  • you must seek consent from SHP before you can sublet your property
  • the terms of your lease mean you must maintain your property as a single household dwelling at all times
  • we will always refuse permission to convert a leasehold flat into more than one dwelling or a ‘House in Multiple Occupation’ (HMO)
  • through SHP the Council will use its legal powers to seek forfeiture of the lease if a leaseholder has sub-divided their flat and does not restore it to a single dwelling.

For more information or to report a rogue landlord, email our Home Ownership Services Team: