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World War One project grants available from the borough

The London Borough of Sutton has made £20,000 of grant funding available, to be allocated in small grants (to a maximum £500 or more by exception) to support local community organisations to deliver projects that commemorate the anniversary of the First World War.

The money is being allocated each year until 2018. The fund is available for ‘not for profit’ organisations. Voluntary and community groups can apply if they have a name, agreed purpose or terms of reference and a bank or building society account. Where a group is coming together only for the purpose of putting on an event or activity it will need the support of an eligible organisation which is willing to receive the funds on behalf of the group. Applicants can only make one application in each financial year, enabling the Council to support a number of projects from different groups.

There are no deadlines – you can apply at any time – but it could take up to 12 weeks for a decision, so ensure that you allow plenty of time before the activity is due to take place.


Please contact:

to receive the forms

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