Sutton Green Party says TTIP could je0pardise local economy

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Sutton Green Party has welcomed the launch of the new Business Against TTIP platform. The Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP), a major new deal being negotiated behind closed doors between the EU and USA, will put at risk Sutton’s vibrant local economy and its 6,600 businesses, says Sutton Green Party.

Business Against TTIP is an initiative led by a group of high profile businesses concerned about the threat TTIP poses to them and many thousands of jobs in the UK.  Official predictions calculate that TTIP will result in the loss of at least 680,000 jobs across Europe.

TTIP will grant US corporations greater access to the markets of Europe without having to comply with the same level of social and environmental regulation as in the EU. TTIP will force UK businesses into unfair competition with US firms with lower standards and lower costs, according to a new report by War on Want.

Entrepreneur of the Year 2015, Titus Sharpe[3], who launched the initiative, slammed TTIP, saying the deal: “is a sure fire way to threaten our vibrant business sector.  It’s imperative we stop this deal happening for the sake of the British Economy.”

The Confederation of British Industry has also admitted there is no evidence that SMEs will benefit from TTIP.

Ross Hemingway, Sutton Green Party co-ordinator, said: “Small businesses are the lifeblood of Sutton’s vibrant local economy. TTIP offers them nothing and we encourage local businesses to sign up to Business Against TTIP.”

“Sutton can be proud of its strong entrepreneurial record and high levels of business start-ups, yet under TTIP, Sutton Council could be forced to favour big US corporations over local, sustainable businesses in their procurement.

“We must oppose this toxic deal. It is a threat to local businesses, jobs, the environment, and democracy itself.”


For more information go to Business Against TTIP 

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