Borough businesses urged to sign the “Clean Streets” pledge

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Sutton Council is inviting all businesses in Sutton to commit to taking the ‘Clean Streets Sutton’ pledge.

“This is a voluntary code for businesses to adopt to help tackle litter in our borough.  We want to encourage litter conscious behaviour amongst staff and customers of all businesses in the borough which we believe can really make a difference towards keeping our streets clean,” said a spokesperson.

“There are many benefits to maintaining a clean and orderly environment.  Clean public spaces, not only look better and are a nicer environment to work in, but will also attract more custom as people prefer to shop in a pleasant environment.  Just as you wouldn’t allow your business premises to become littered, if the area surrounding your business is littered, this can negatively affect trade.

“Businesses play an important role in shaping the look and feel of our local communities.  You provide many of the goods and services so important in the day to day lives of our residents and in a climate of ever increasing competition, we want you to grow and prosper.

“Operating responsibly through maintaining clean, tidy and litter free premises, can stimulate trade and go a long way towards boosting the local economy.  Working together, Sutton’s business community has the power to improve the local environment for everyone’s benefit.  ”

To sign the pledge go to: Clean Streets Sutton Business Pledge Registration Form

The pledge outlines a number of simple undertakings, which we ask you as a responsible business owner to agree to;
Step 1: Sign up to the pledge and display your window vinyl / sticker clearly at the front of your business.
Step 2: Carry out an assessment of the area in and around your business to see where litter occurs and what causes it.
Step 3: Discuss findings with staff and colleagues to get their input and gain their support in implementing an agreed action plan.
Step 4: Implement your action plan e.g. supply more bins, reduce packaging.
Step 5: Talk to neighbouring businesses and encourage them to sign the pledge too.
Step 6:  Be vigilant to littering within the borough.

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