Borough businesses being urged to join in Sutton’s EU debate

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The countdown to the EU referendum is now on and Sutton is being presented with a unique opportunity to hear both sides of the debate – and the organisers are keen that businesses also make themselves aware of both sides of the discussion.

The “Should we stay or should we go” debate is being co-ordinated by Carshalton Beeches Church of the Good Shepherd vicar Rev Warner Pidgeon who is organising the event on behalf of the Anglican churches in and around Sutton, for the benefit of the whole community. ‚Äč

The borough’s two MPs Tom Brake and Paul Scully will be giving opposing views and answering questions at a public meeting which is to take place on Friday April 15.

Carshalton and Wallington MP Tom will be speaking for staying in the EU and Sutton and Cheam MP Paul will be putting the case for an exit from the EU.

“Following the successful election Question Time that was organised last year I thought that it would be a great opportunity to repeat the event but this time deal with the topic of the European Union. Thanks to our two MPs the opportunity has now presented itself to give the residents of the borough the chance to hear first hand the reasons for the positions that each MP has decided to take,” said Rev Pidgeon.

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