Borough’s businesses urged to “join the pledge” for cleaner streets

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Sutton Council has just launched a voluntary Clean Streets Sutton business pledge in which businesses can commit to taking a number of simple, easy steps to keep their premises clean and work with the council to reduce litter in the surrounding area by reporting it.

They will also receive a business pledge sticker which they can display in their shop window to support the campaign and encourage others to sign up.

The business pledge is part of a wider anti-littering campaign being run by Sutton Council, called Clean Streets Sutton, after it successful bid for funding from the Department for Communities and Local Government. Other activities will take part in Sutton High Street and the local schools in the coming weeks.

Already, Tazza Coffee, ABC Catering & Partners and KIPPA BID have joined the business pledge.

Cllr Jill Whitehead, Chair of the Environments and Neighbourhood Committee at Sutton Council, said:

“We all have a responsibility to keep Sutton tidy in order to help achieve our One Planet Sutton goals to be a greener borough. We are delighted to be working with our businesses because cleaner streets will make Sutton more attractive to shoppers and visitors who can enjoy the borough in comfort and cleanliness.

“I must congratulate Tazza, ABC Catering & Partners and KIPPA BID for leading the way by signing up to the Clean Streets Sutton business pledge straight away.”

Bob Law, owner of Tazza Coffee, said:

“Tazza Coffee is delighted to support this initiative as it will help strengthen our community and make Sutton a better place to live, work and visit.”

There are many incentives for businesses to keep their environment clean. Clean public spaces look better, and create a nicer space in which to work. They also attract more custom – people prefer to visit businesses in pleasant surroundings.  Untidy forecourts and premises can negatively affect custom and may result in citations from environmental health officers.

The pledge outlines a number of issues which business owners should monitor and take appropriate action about if necessary.

1. Display the Cleaner Streets Sutton business pledge window sticker.

2. Assess the litter hot-spots near the business premises.

3. Discuss findings with staff to get their ideas & input, and also the council if there are issues outside their premises.

4. Implement an action plan to reduce littering – this could be to install more bins inside their premises for staff and customers, organise regular litter-picks in litter hot-spots, reduce product packaging and work with the council to reduce street litter.

5. Talk to neighbouring businesses and encourage them to sign up to the Clean Streets Sutton business pledge.

6.  Be vigilant to littering in the borough – use our online reporting tools to let the council know about excessive littering or fly tipping.

The Council also offer businesses the opportunity to sponsor litter bins, chewing gun disposal bins, and prizes or incentives for anti-litter campaigns.  For further details about the Clean Streets Sutton campaign please call 020 8770 5000, email, or visit our Clean Streets Sutton webpages here.

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