Wilson’s school celebrates successes of its Year Seven students

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The Year Seven Celebration Evenings took place on Tuesday and Wednesday at Wilson’s School recently and it presented an opportunity for the year seven students to show the amazing progress they have made in just two terms.

Opening the event were students from the current Year 8 Wind Band. They gave an impressive performance.

Parents and music teachers were thrilled to hear some of the school’s most promising musicians and vocalists perform in various small ensembles.

At the end of the concert the whole Year Seven Wind Band played together with a programme that a rendition of Soul Bossa Nova and the catchy Mambo No 5.

Music certificates were presented to those students who have most impressed their teachers.
Certificates were also awarded to students who have shown kindness to others, and to those students who
have participated widely in some of the many activities the school has offered them.

In July it is hoped that many of the Year 7 students will choose to take internationally recognised Trinity Music exams here at school.

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