Crystal Palace Foundation delivers on obligations to community

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Alongside its commitment to developing football and sports participation, the Crystal Palace F.C. Foundation also recognises its obligations and commitment to our local community.

“South London is a rich and diverse community, but also one that is often highlighted in the press for the wrong reasons – social deprivation, poverty, social exclusion, youth crime and the riots of 2011. This clearly is not representative of the whole of South London, but as a Foundation we recognise that the club sits side by side with areas that traditionally suffer from all of those issues,” said a spokesperson.

“Crystal Palace F.C. as an international footballing brand and (arguably) the most recognisable business in our immediate area is perfectly placed to lead the response to this negative image. The Foundation seeks to do this through a range of responses, including direct work with young people and communities and working with local businesses to provide opportunities and ‘open doors’.

“By providing positive sports activities, delivered by trained coaches and youth workers, to young people within estates and community facilities at key times (evenings, weekends and school holiday periods) and in key ‘hot spots’ we can influence behaviour and contribute to tackling youth crime and anti-social behaviour.

“Foundation coaches are trained not only to coach football, but also as youth workers to ensure they can support the wider development of participants on our programmes – to act as role models and mentors, to provide advice, guidance and support beyond the physical delivery of football. Work in this field includes supporting young people in their decision making and life choices, those excluded from school, ex-offenders and those identified as being ‘at risk’ or vulnerable.”

Please contact:
Soye Briggs
t: 020 8768 6047

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