Carshalton Girls students take part in Faraday Challenge

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A group of students from Carshalton High School for Girls were recently chosen to represent the school for the Faraday Challenge, a project in conjunction with Jack Petchey.

The groups of six students were set a task involving teamwork, creativity, accounting skills and knowledge. We faced many challenges and managed to overcome them by working as a team.

“After we had planned our presentations it was time for us to show what our team was really made of! Despite us being scared, we were able to present an outstanding performance. Then the time of judgement arrived….. Team 2 was called. We felt a rush of energy which made us jump with excitement,” said a stement on the school’s website.

After receiving our prizes all of us agreed that it was one of the best experiences and would encourage others to do it and become engineers.”

The students are unable to give away too much about their tasks as this is a nationwide project and other students are still to take part.

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