College students working togerther on building project

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The construction students are busy at Carshalton College constructing a permanent Tool Store in their workshop, with Bricklaying, Plastering and Carpentry students involved with the project.

Led by tutor Alan McArdle from Bricklaying, Level 2 Bricklaying students, Bradley, Nathan and Michael, are building the foundations for the store, which will take about 10 days.

The project will then be finished by Plastering students completing the interior walls and the Carpentry students constructing and fitting a flat roof and a small slanting roof to protect the equipment from rain.

For the bricklaying students it has involved gaining the experience of managing a project from the outset with designing the tool store and deciding the best way to set it out, using standard bricklaying tools to construct the walls and cement mortar to make it a permanent construction for use of all students at the College as an accessible tool store in their workshop.

8545990_origMatthew Proctor, Team Leader for Construction, believes these projects are the best way to give students practical experience that are similar to jobs they will complete when they work on  construction sites during their careers.

Other initiatives on the construction courses include students working as workshop support. Six Level 2 and Level 3 students are currently helping in this support role to teaching staff and have to be in the workshop by  8.30am to assist getting the teaching facilities ready, support the teachers during the lesson  and give out tools and equipment during the lessons.

In addition to the Tool Store, bricklaying students are also completing permanent piers in the plastering workshops and a block wall with windows for plastering students to use for their projects.

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