Imagine – being part of the borough’s biggest festival of the arts

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The Imagine Festival of the Arts 2016 is taking place from 15-30th October 2016 and promises to be the biggest and best festival yet! Would you like to be part of it?

With the theme of HG Wells inspiring the festival’s events, we have plenty to get your creative juices flowing. Did you know H G Wells lived in Sutton, and inspired the first liquid fueled rocket which resulted in the Apollo 11 moon landing 71 years later? Wells also wrote about aliens, class, politics and won the Nobel prize in literature four times. If you feel inspired see the grants application, and Imagine page for more details on how to create your own H G Wells inspired event.

As part of the festival there will also be a time travelling disco hosted by BrickBox, a contemporary arts exhibition, sounds installation with Output Arts, a commissioned performance by Francesca Beard, Pint of Science hosting creative reactions, Play of Light theatre leading an Invisible Man performance and much much more…

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