Premier league treatment for Greenshaw soccer stars

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Greenshaw High School were very lucky to be given the chance to represent Crystal Palace at Goodison Park recently.

They took part in the Premier League Schools tournament in which 1700 schools started and only 40 made it to the national finals.  The started playing and winning the Sutton schools stages and then progressed to the South London finals taking out some locals schools who have previously defeated them winning the stage outright.

The girls from Y8 were given the premiership style treatment having a coach and hotel provided for them to transport them to the venue. They were given a Crystal Palace kit to keep as well as many other treats. The girls were given the chance to film their very own green screen walk on as well as have photos taken with the premier league trophy that was sporting the colours of newly crowned Leicester City FC.

On the day the girls came up against some very tough competitors in the form of Sunderland FC, West Ham United, Manchester United and Watford FC. The day started well with a narrow defeat of 2-1 to Sunderland FC who went on to win the tournament. The remaining games were all scoring draws with some excellent football being displayed from all teams. All games were refereed by premier league officials and the girls entered the pitch through the tunnel to fully experience what it feels like to be a professional footballer.

The girls had a fantastic day and thoroughly enjoyed the experience and are looking forward to their continued success for nest season.

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