Carshalton High School for Girls share Nestle experience

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​​Following a workshop in school run by Nestle, Year 9 Carshalton High School for Girls students met to take part in a fantastic opportunity at the Nestle building at Gatwick.
This visit gave students the opportunity to show off their talents, meet Nestle staff and learn more about the company for a chance to win one week PAID work experience this summer.

After making our way to Gatwick Airport, unfortunately we weren’t travelling abroad but to the business centre close by, we arrived at Nestlé’s new dog-friendly building. Checking in was a three step process by signing in at reception and signing that we understood their health and safety procedures, being allocated our groups for the day and finally handing over the necessary ID requirements, passports or birth certificates.

There was three different sessions about interviewing, teamwork and a scenario:

Students learnt a little on how to perform in an interview and then went for a one to one interview with Nestle staff. Scary. The interviewer was looking for curiosity, confidence, motivation, and career aspiration.

For the team work activity students had to design and build furniture just using a certain amount of balloons and cellotape. They were being judged on leadership, communication, teamwork and problem solving.

The third activity ‘scenario’ involved them thinking of a new coffee drink to be used in the summer at some sort of festival or event as a pop up stall and a marketing and social media campaign. Nestle staff were looking for presentation skills, understanding the topic, creativity and diligence.

Finally there was a Q&A with Nestle staff. Student found out more about the Nestle Academy and the opportunities available as well as the benefits of working for Nestle.

There were 60 students in total from 4 different schools competing for 13 PAID placements. Good luck to Carshalton Girls.

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