Science is the subject for Glenthorne key stage 3

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​Key Stage three students from Glenthorne school recently enjoyed a Science House Week which saw a series of events and competitions: a KS3 poster competition was launched, there was a House Quiz and specific Science days on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday: Physics on Tuesday, Chemistry on Wednesday and Blood and Gore as pupils explored Biology on Thursday.

The Biology day certainly got the senses rushing…. Sounds of screams and shrieks, of both fear and excitement, emanated from the laboratory as pupils got a chance to get up close to a variety of organs provided by the Biology department.

Led by staff and Sixth Formers, pupils got a unique opportunity to see the inner workings of the body; the avid curiosity of the pupils helping them to overcome the assault on the senses, the gore and smell. Highlights included dissecting an eyeball, hands-on exploration of the heart, a complete organ system to decipher, a cell quiz and a rather sharp-toothed and pungent fish head dissection!

Chemistry was full of whizz, bangs and pops! Students were treated to a fantastic range of demonstrations to show the properties of different substances and how easily fuels burn. Yet again, the hydrogen balloon (almost) brought the house down! The house competition involved students working in teams to create a ‘rainbow burette’ which showed the range of colours in acids and alkalis.

During Physics , the students did a variety of activities including ‘trying to block out the magnetism’ and finding out who could add the most mass to a single strand of strawberry-flavoured shoelace before it broke.

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