Italy and Iceland visited by Stanley Park students

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Italy and Iceland were on the itinerary for Stanley Park High School students recently.

The sights and sounds of Rome were savoured by twenty Stanley Park Y10 students based at the Termini in the very heart of the city and blessed with good weather, the group set out to explore five key landmarks.

At the Vatican, students were astonished by the ancient maps, statues, sculptures and paintings as they climbed up the galleries until they reached the pinnacle and claimed a breath-taking view of the metropolis. The Cistern Chapel famous for Da Vinci’s artwork and the immense Coliseum were also breath-taking for students. At the Pantheon, students compared the gruesome heathen sacrifices of the church’s past with its current use as a Christian place of worship. However, the highlight of the five-day visit was a tour of the Park Villaborghese on pedalled powered go- finished off with dinner a traditional Italian restaurant where student ordered for themselves in the native language.

During May-Half Term, twenty four Post-16 students visited Iceland for 4 days and were blown away by what the explosive island had to offer. The trip was action packed with outstanding examples of the physical world in action – perfect to inspire and ignite a passion for Geography and the world around them.

Students visited the Gunnuhver hot springs, Krýsuvík Mud Puddles, the Bridge between the Continents, the Blue Lagoon, Seljalandsfoss, Skógafoss and Gulfoss waterfalls, the Eyjafjallajökull Volcano and Visitors’ Centre, Sólheimajökul glacier, the Þingvellir Rift Valley, the Geysirs and the Black Beach basalt columns in Vik.
Staying in the capital city of Reykjavík allowed the students to appreciate the human geography of Iceland as well as the physical landscape and ecological processes taking place.
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