New service allows everyone to prove who they are online!

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A new service has been launched. GOV.UK Verify, is a new online service that allows individuals to prove who they are online. The service will ultimately provide easier access to government services such as filing a tax return or checking a driving licence. The new system has been developed as part of the central government efficiency platform.
According to the newly published guidance, it should take about ten minutes for an individual to verify their identity the first time they use GOV.UK Verify, and a couple of minutes any time after that. This is done by choosing from a list of companies certified to verify the applicants’ identity.

GOV.UK Verify can be used to:
Check Income Tax for the current year;
Obtain a State Pension statement;
Sign in to personal tax accounts;
View or share driving licence information, with the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA);
Apply for Universal Credit;
Claim for redundancy and monies owed, with the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills (BIS);
Sign in and file Self Assessment tax returns;
Update rural payments details;
Check or update company car tax.

Janet Hughes of the Government Digital Service, said
‘The vision is that people think about having an identity account in the same way they have a bank account, and being able to use it to access all sorts of services, such as opening a bank account, interacting with their local authority, checking their health records, booking a flight and getting a new mobile phone contract.’

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