Hackbridge has been home for more than decade to martial art

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Simply Wing Chun has been open since 2005. The club is open to adults of all ages who would like to learn this fascinating martial art. There is no children’s class but we are willing to take youngsters from the age of thirteen if they are able to show a good level of concentration, focus and dedication to Wing Chun.

“There is no age limit to our classes, with our oldest student being over forty,” said a spokesperson.

“The atmosphere at the club is one of calmness, fun and unity. All our students, whether senior or beginners will make you feel welcome when you join us.

7668592_orig“There are no belts or official gradings to pay for, as students are allowed to develop at their own pace. The environment we have created at the club is one that lends itself to good development in Wing Chun.

“We meet once a week at the ‘All Saints Community Centre’ in Hackbridge. With students being so keen to develop their Wing Chun we try to have an extended session, once a month on a Sunday for those who wish to attend.

“For those who want to speed up their progress, private lessons are available with Sifu Riaz by appointment. Your first class lesson is free, so give us a call and get Kung Fu fighting!”


For more details go to WINGCHUN

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