Hurry to take advantage of possible grants for Imagine Festival

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The call has gone out to all of the borough’s organisations and residents who are looking to take part in Sutton’s Imagine Festival which is the largest festival of the arts in the borough that grants of up to £800 are now available to help them fulfill their ambitions.

But for one group / individual the grant can rise to £1,500 if it wishes to combine the theme of the Festival HG Wells with the borough’s ongoing commemorations of the centenary of World War One. H G Wells lived and wrote during both wars which often filtered into his most accomplished works. He once wrote human history becomes more and more a race between education and catastrophe.” (from The Outline of History, 1920) and many of his works inspired science and the wider arts in themes of space, politics and travel. ​

But hurry there is less than a month to take advantage of this and all of the other grant applications. Just click on More Information for more information!

Sutton’s largest festival of the arts will offer a number of events based around the works of writer HG Wells, who lived in the borough during his most successful years.

The aim of this year’s festival is to use the arts to celebrate the great works of H.G. Wells in Sutton’s libraries and heritage site. These projects and events should encourage communities to participate in artistic and cultural activities that grow skills and create lasting memories, whilst offering quality arts experiences that are ambitious and innovative.

“So far…we have plans for a time travel disco, late night at the library, Invisible Man shadow puppetry performances, War of the Worlds radio broadcast, music workshops, sci fi drama, creative reactions event with scientist and artists coming together, time travel sound installations, site specific sculptural workshops and exhibition, as well as street art celebrating the work of HG Wells,” said a spokesperson.

“Hopefully this has inspired some ideas, and maybe you can offer something outside of these projects? We invite work that stands out and utilise our libraries and heritage buildings, but are open to applications celebrating other locations. However, these events should lead people back to Sutton’s libraries in some form.”

This festival is supported by using public funding by the National Lottery through Arts Council England and Sutton Council

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