Sutton choirs can take part in unique act of remembrance

Roger Mills SUTTON REMEMBERS WW1: Leave a Comment

Choirs in Sutton will have a unique opportunity to be part of the borough’s remembrance events following the launch of a new piece of written specifically for choirs.

Memorial Ground is a new piece of music written by Oscar-nomainted composer David Lang to mark the centenary of the Battle of the Somme.

The world premiere takes place this Saturday at East Neuk Festival and that same day the score and learning resources will be released for free download on our website. Choirs are then encouraged to perform the piece around Remembrance Day this November (or of course any time suited to them!). What makes the piece really special is that choirs can add their own commemorative texts to a section of the piece, for example, a roll call of names from a local war memorial.

Here is a link to the info pack for choirs REMEMBRANCE

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