Sutton’s Safer Trader Scheme one way to protect the vulnerable

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Sutton’s Safer Trader Scheme offers a chance for vulnerable people to have a sense of security about who they have in their home to do requested work and Sutton Voice has paertnered up with Sutton Council to spread the word.

For the full list of traders go to SAFER TRADER SCHEME

Sutton’s Safer Trader Scheme is to get greater awareness of its service following Sutton Council’s trading standards team’s decision to allow a partnership with community website Sutton Voice.

Sutton Voice, which recently celebrated its second anniversary as a not for profit community website will now carry the most up to date list of all of the traders who have made the decision to join the trader scheme which looks to help residents when they are having to choose a trader for work that needs to be done.

For the full list of traders go to SAFER TRADER SCHEME

It will consistently promote the scheme and where possible make residents awar of the advantages of using a business which registers with Sutton Safer Trading Scheme

“Sutton Voice was set up to deliver benefit to the community and I can’t think of a better way than giving maximum exposure to this excellent initiative which seeks to ensure all of our residents are offerd some protection from rogue traders,” said founder Roger Mills.

“The website has just celebrated more than 1,000,000 page views for its second year and I am sure we can offer both those who commit to the scheme and those who may use the scheme greater benefit.

Cllr Nick Emmerson, Lead Councillor of Trading Standards at Sutton Council, said:

“Rogue traders are bad news, which is why the council is protecting its residents through the Safer Sutton Trader Scheme. People should always look at the list on the council’s website when considering employing a tradesperson.

“This list has been thoroughly vetted by Trading Standards and offers a range of professional tradespeople in the borough who are neither bogus builders nor unscrupulous opportunists.”

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