Year six Cuddington pupils love Paris in four day visit

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cuddington-paris-2Britain may face an uncertain future in Europe but a group of 49 Year Six pupils from Cuddington Croft School in Cheam were more than happy to be there when they visited Paris recently on a four-night end-of-year outing.

Highlights of the visit included seeing the Eiffel Tower, a trip along the River Seine, playing boules and cooking crepes, and visiting the Asterix theme park, before an end of trip disco on the final night.
“It was a once-in-a-lifetime trip for the children and we couldn’t possibly have asked for a better experience,“ said Year Six teacher Caroline Davis, who helped organise the trip.

“PGL, the company we went with, did a wonderful job – the food was great, the facilities were wonderful and even the weather was good for us as well. We managed to cram in so much, I know they all went home with wonderful memories from the trip.”

The trip was a way for pupils at Cuddington Croft, a member of the GLF Schools multi-academy trust, to say goodbye to primary school before making the step up to secondary education in the autumn.

“This is such a significant stage in the children’s lives that we wanted to give them something really special to remember it by, and we couldn’t possibly have asked for anything better,” said Ms Davis.

“It may not have been a long stay, but in terms of the things we managed to do, the experiences they had and the memories made, it seemed like ages! The children loved it and behaved superbly, so it was really enjoyable to share it with them. I hope will remember it as happily as the staff members will.”

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