76mph recorded in 30mph limit during police speed checks

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On Tuesday, 5 July, officers from Sutton’s Safer Transport Team took part in the latest in their continuing series of operations to tackle speeding drivers in Sutton Town Centre.

Officers at the roadside used speed guns between 19:00-21:00hrs to capture speeds of vehicles travelling in excess of the speed limit. The highest speed recorded during the evening was 76mph on roads where the speed limit is 30mph.

image-1-29_origThe 76mph driver of a BMW car told police he was desperate to go to the toilet whilst on his way home from work and was just a couple of minutes from his home in Sutton.

A total of 11 drivers were reported for traffic offences, which included driving in excess of the speed limit between 45-76mph and for other offences including driving without insurance.

Each case will be investigated and the most serious offenders are likely to be summonsed to Court where they face being fined and/or disqualified from driving.

Checkpoints are set up at different locations which are not being disclosed for operational reasons. These operations will be continuing throughout the summer.

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