Five cars seized after borough crackdown on uninsured drivers

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Five drivers had their vehicles seized on Thursday, 7 July in a Sutton Safer Transport police team operation to crackdown on uninsured drivers – and other driving offences.

Officers were monitoring the borough’s automatic number plate recognition (ANPR) cameras based at a control office at Sutton Police station and relaying information about suspect vehicles to officers at roadside checkpoints around Sutton Town Centre.

The vehicles were then stopped and drivers questioned.

Four drivers had their vehicles seized for having no insurance and one for not having a driving licence.

image-1-30A further 14 drivers were also reported for other driving offences including driving whilst using a hand-held phone, not wearing a seatbelt, driving in excess of the speed limit, having a faulty vehicle such as a bald tyre, and not having an MOT.

Sgt Colin Buchan, of Sutton’s Safer Transport Team, said these operations not only tackle drivers who try to flout the law, but also serve to disrupt criminal activities because there is a proven link between motoring and other types of offences. “These operations are also important to send a message to criminals that they are not welcome here and to reassure residents that police are determined to keep Sutton safe,” he said.

Drivers who had their vehicles seized for no insurance, face a £300 fine, six points on the licence and the additional costs of recovering their vehicle from the police car pound once they have obtained the correct insurance. It has been estimated that the tiny minority of uninsured drivers are estimated to add £50 to the insurance premium of insured drivers.

The drivers stopped for the other motoring offences will have their cases investigated. This could result in a requirement to attend a driver awareness course or for the most serious cases, being summonsed to Court where they could face being fined and/or disqualified from driving.

Further operations are planned throughout the summer. Their locations are not being disclosed for operational reasons.

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