Finding Dory release on Friday – but its not the only item lost!

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Ahead of the release of Finding Dory on Friday 29th July, Sutton’s Empire Cinemas, has today released a list of the most weird and wonderful items that have been forgotten in their 18 cinemas over the past year. General Managers from locations across the country asked their staff to recall the items left behind in the auditoriums, and there have been some truly shocking finds.
The most bizarre items left unclaimed in Empire Cinemas include a live chicken, a loaf of bread, toilet roll, a dog’s collar and a child’s tooth. Strangely enough, Simon Cowell has also made an appearance at a screening, as a blow up replica was bizarrely found in one of the locations.

From the weird and wacky to the downright bizarre; it also appears some cinemagoers have a liking for strange cinema snacks as a tub of butter with finger marks was discovered at a screen in Wigan. Results highlight that far more personal items have also been abandoned – viewers have entered the cinema screens with walking sticks, shoes, socks, hats, hearing aids, and false teeth – but bizarrely departed without them. In one location a child was left behind, although hastily reclaimed by the parent!

As well as gaining insight from the General managers, Empire Cinemas surveyed the nation and discovered that a massive 90% of the UK have previously left an item behind in the cinema. The most common items left by careless Brits were coats (24%), followed by purses/wallets (19%) and mobile phones (16%).

Jon Nutton, Marketing Director of Empire Cinemas, said “Losing something that belongs to you can be a horrible experience, here at Empire Cinemas we always try our best to ensure lost items are reunited with their owners. Some of the items left unclaimed at our cinemas though have been truly extraordinary! There are the usual suspects, umbrellas, coats, wallets and phones, but dispersed amongst these there are things that really make you scratch your head. A blow up Simon Cowell doll and a live chicken have to be some of the most extraordinary items found by our cinema staff.”


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