Organic Wine Club opens in Worcester Park

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Organic Wine Club is UK’s first wine club solely dedicated to organic wines and now it has come to Worcester Park.

The club has been established to offer:

delicious organic wines that we will drink ourselves;
variety of flavours to explore by buying our wines online or coming over for tasting;
members-only exclusive cases and discounts;
wines that are healthier as compared with conventional wines.

“Organic is not just an increasing trend, it is a way of life for many who look after themselves and care about the environment. Our wine club delivers on taste, value for money and health aspects of wine shopping. For us great wine is not a goal in itself, but is a perfect partner for your culinary delights, cooking adventures and social gatherings, so we want to introduce it to you after having tried ourselves,” said a spokesperson.

“It is indeed a sharing economy. We involve our club members in distributor- led tastings. Shared feedback allows us to decide which wines to source.”


For full details of what organic wine club offers visit their site : ORGANIC WINE CLUB  and to learn more about them visit their Manifesto:

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