PropertyWire survey shows that rennovation chosen over moving

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Strong property prices mean that a growing number of British home owners are more interested in renovating than moving. In fact, a recent survey from PropertyWire shows that 94% of people who own property would rather spend money on renovations than moving house.

When done right, even small renovations can add value to your home or apartment, resulting in a higher purchase price in the event that you decide to sell.

The keys to successful renovations are simple: keep them tasteful, and keep them current. To give you an idea of the best renovations to make to your home this year, we’ve listed seven of 2016’s most popular interior decorating trends below.

 Mid-Century Modern

Remember the surfboard-style coffee tables and stylish Eames recliners of the early 1960s? At least 50 years after Mid-century Modern decorating caught the attention of the public in the late 1950s and early 1960s, it’s making a comeback.

Although it never felt out of date, iconic Mid-century furniture is coming back into style. Although you’ll need a hefty budget to outfit your home with real Herman Miller furniture, more affordable items from brands like Ikea and Muji make this a surprisingly affordable trend to latch onto.

 Smart Appliances

Smart appliances have grown from an amusing technological fantasy into reality in surprisingly little time. From ovens and microwaves to Wi-Fi enabled fridges, an increasing number of new homes built in 2016 are outfitted with smart appliances and gadgets.

Some of the year’s most impressive smart appliances include the June Intelligent Oven, which uses a built-in computer for optimal cooking, to larger ovens, fridges and other appliances from well-known brands such as Samsung and Breville.

 “Warm” Metals

Despite its popularity, stainless steel has always had a reputation as a “cold” metal — a material that looks sleek and stylish, but lacks personality. In 2016, “warmer” metals like copper and gold are making a comeback in interior decorating, both as countertops and kitchen appliances.

One of the brands leading the charge for warmer metals in the home is Dornbracht, which offers several of its kitchen fixtures in brushed copper and gold. Once considered out of date in all but the most regal of settings, bronze, copper and gold could soon have a place in your home.

 Coloured Stainless Steel Appliances

It’s not just copper and gold that are making creative comebacks — stainless steel, which has long been a favourite of appliance manufacturers, is making a comeback of its own in a wide variety of new colours.

Leading kitchen appliance brands like Samsung, KitchenAid and LG have all released lines of coloured stainless steel fridges in the last two years, indicating that brushed silver steel might not be the only material you should let into your home or apartment’s kitchen.

 Statement Mirrors

Over the last decade, mirrors have gone from creative to somewhat minimalistic, largely in line with other interior decorating trends. Instead of standing out, most home mirrors were seen to have two purposes: make a space feel bigger, and offer a functional reflection.

Luckily, statement mirrors are making a comeback. From eye-catching modern mirrors to the old fashioned or avant garde, statement mirrors are great pieces for unique style to rooms with light, minimalistic decorating and limited natural light.

 “Glamily” living rooms

For far too long, family rooms have been viewed as the opposite of glamorous. Luckily, “glamily” rooms — rooms that combine the function of a family room with a touch of glamour — are making a comeback.

Glamily rooms mix contemporary furniture with glamorous accessories, such as colourful throw covers or unique mirrors, lamps and tables. Crypton’s excellent What is a Glamily Room? guide goes into more detail about how you can turn your family room into a stylish glamily space.

Mosaic Living Room, Kitchen and Bathroom Tiles

While mosaic tiles have never gone out of style, they’ve increased in popularity over the past year and are now a staple in the bathroom, kitchen and even in the living room. Versatile and affordable, tiles are also easy to install, making them a great DIY home renovation choice.

Mosaic tiles are suitable for the floor, where they make a great eye-catching statement, and can also be used as a stylish alternative to wall cladding.

As well as popular materials such as marble, ceramic and glass, today’s mosaic tiles come in a variety of creative new materials. Polished concrete is one of 2016’s hot tile materials, offering a blend of modern and industrial styling that makes it perfect for new homes and apartments.

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