Sutton Mencap’s Circle of Support will help to share problems

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Could you be a friend to a person with a  learning disability in your community?

How often have you said a problem shared is a problem halved? And how many of you have achieved your goals and dreams without the help, advice and support of other people?

We are all stronger together and that’s just what a Circle of Support could mean.  Share the problems, the joy of achieving and in the process build confidence and plans for the future.

Circles of Support aimed at adults with a learning disability is in essence about gathering a group of people together who care for and know a person to help them plan and make changes, to overcome obstacles and increase options open to them.

For some people however their own network is just too small and only consists of people paid to be there. In these cases intentional help is needed to make it grow.  And that help might include you.

Circle meetings are friendly and fun, social but with a purpose. A circle will meet anywhere from once a month to a few times in a year dependant on the needs of the person and their goals. They run for about 1-1.5 hours each time.

Circles can be really empowering and enlightening for all involved.
•    Do you know of a person in your community who has a learning disability who could benefit?
•    Could you spare some time once a month or so to join their Circle of Support if they were interested?

If so please do get in touch on 0208 647 8600 or by email 

What do you think about this?

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