Always call 999 if you recognise someone acting suspiciously

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Police received reports of two neighbouring flats at a block in Cheam Road, Sutton, being burgled after their front doors had been smashed to gain entry during the day on Thursday, 18 August. One neighbour reported hearing loud banging between 13:00-15:00hrs but did not report it to police.

The flats were searched and computer equipment was stolen from both along with other possessions. Entry to the block is through a communal door which has a buzzer entry system.

Police say that residents are likely to know when their neighbours are out and when they are due to return, when the property is likely to be occupied or empty and when a property is likely to be noisy or quiet.
Safer Neighbourhoods Inspector Kathy Morteo said: “This is important local knowledge which can be of great benefit to local communities in keeping people safe and property secure.”
Call police on 999 immediately if you see anyone you don’t recognise acting suspiciously near your own or your neighbours’ properties or hear unexpected loud bangs or smashing glass from next door when you know the occupants are at work or away.
“If it doesn’t look right or feel right, then call us,” said Inspector Morteo. “We would much rather we come out to check that everything is OK, than to find later that someone has become a victim of crime.”

If you have any information about the Cheam Road burglaries contact Sutton Police Station on 101. Alternatively, contact Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111.

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