Arts Centre putting together London Stories: Made by Migrants

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Battersea Arts Centre is planning a theatre project called London Stories: Made by Migrants.

It is a show that is happening over three weeks in November. London Stories: Made By Migrants will be a festival focussed around people from all sorts of different backgrounds who live in London telling true stories that are in some way related to the theme of migration. The storytellers will take over our building – an old Victorian town hall – and will tell their stories to small audiences of 4 or 5 people at a time. The format is based on the original London Stories that staged in 2013.

The stories this time might be personal stories of coming to London – from other parts of the UK, from other parts of Europe or other parts of the world – and trying to make a life here. But we are also interested in family stories of migration from previous generations. We want to try and represent a real diversity of stories of migration to London. We are also interested in stories from people who have welcomed migrants and refugees. We want to offer a positive narrative to help counter the negative messages we often get through the mainstream media.

The centre has now launched a call out for residents on London to get involved and tell their stories.
Here’s the link to the call out on our website TELL US YOUR STORY


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