New tube map will show number of steps between stations

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Transport for London (TfL) has launched a new version of the iconic Tube map, which shows how many steps it takes to walk between stations in zones 1 and 2.

The new map is the first official version in the world to show the number of steps between stations. It follows TfL’s very popular Walking Tube map, which launched last year and shows the walking times between stations. The new steps Tube map shows how to save time on everyday journeys. It will also help the increasing number of Londoners who set themselves a daily target of steps to take as part of daily exercise and getting fit.

Londoners and visitors can easily download the Walking Steps Tube map when they’re out and about by visiting –

With TfL’s maps now showing the number of steps and walking times, Londoners and visitors can see how easy it can be to walk between popular central London stations. For example, Leicester Square to Covent Garden only takes 400 steps and 4 minutes, and Kings Cross to Euston takes 1,200 steps and 12 minutes.

Short journeys between stations on different lines in zones 1 and 2 are also presented to complement the two maps, which have been launched as part of the commitment by the Mayor of London and TfL to make London one of the most walkable cities in the world.

Through Legible London, the Capital’s wayfinding system, walking in London has never been easier – there are over 1,500 Legible London signs across the Capital to help people find their way. A wide range of improvements to London’s streets, junctions and public spaces is also underway, improving the experience of walking around the city.

Rachel Lee, Policy and Research Coordinator, Living Streets, said: `Long commutes, busy schedules and desk jobs can make healthy choices difficult. However, inactivity is making people unhealthy and unhappy. Many of us need to find ways to fit more activity into our day and skipping a stop on the Tube and choosing to walk instead is a great place to start.

`Walking reduces the risk of heart disease, diabetes, certain cancers, stroke and depression. Just a 20 minute walk every day can provide noticeable health benefits. I hope the new steps map inspires Londoners to travel and experience more of the city on foot. We’ll be rewarded with improvements to our health, economy and the environment around us.’

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