Police close “drug den” flat after complaints from neighbours

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Police have closed a rented flat that was being used as a drugs den following complaints from residents.

The flat off Brighton Road has been raided twice by police since March by officers from Sutton South Safer Neighbourhoods Team carrying out drugs warrants.

A total of four arrests were made. One male in his 20s was charged with possession of cannabis – a Class B drug. Enquiries are continuing following the other arrests.

Neighbours had been complaining about lots of ‘comings and goings’ from the flat, drug smells, intimidating behaviour, noise and disturbances particularly at night.

To reduce the nuisance, some of the residents had taped up their letterboxes and kept their windows closed.

Officers from Sutton South Safer Neighbourhoods Team presented their evidence to support the Closure Order at Camberwell Green Magistrates’ Court on Friday, 2 September. The Order was approved and the closure notice was posted on the door of the flat later the same day and remains in force for three months until Thursday, 1 December.

Police were acting on powers incorporated into the Anti-Social Behaviour Crime and Policing Act 2014 which became effective in October 2014. These powers enable police to quickly close premises which are being used, or likely to be used, to commit nuisance or disorder.

PC Mark Towler said: “We have closed a flat in this building due to criminal and anti-social behaviour. Our action was taken in response to concerns raised by local residents.

“We take all reports of criminal and anti-social behaviour seriously and we will take action,” he added.

If you see any anti-social behaviour, please contact Sutton Police station on 101. If you see someone acting suspiciously or a crime being committed, please call 999 immediately.

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