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QEF Mobility Services has a Mobility Services Invitation Open Morning 22nd September 2016.

QEF Mobility Service is approved by the Department for Transport and the DVLA.  Accredited by the Forum of Mobility Centres, recognised by the DSA and working in partnership with Motability, has provided specialised training for over 30 years, and within that time has trained professionals across the UK and delegates from South Africa, New Zealand, Hungary, Malta and Lithuania.

Open Mornings are designed for specific interested groups, professionals, clients and individuals who are aspiring to expand their knowledge across all areas of disability.

The morning will give those working with disability especially, a better understanding of what QEF can offer with regard to equipment and adaptations relating particularly to driving, scooter and wheelchair use and the variety available. Understand what is available to children and adults plus the elderly. Others will understand more about what QEF can offer them and their friends and families.

The aim of this Open Morning is to gain a better understanding of what QEF can offer.

qefDuring this course you will;
Have a tour of the Mobility Centre
Explore how various conditions can affect driving
Learn what  adaptations or driving methods can be used
See a wide range of different mobility wheelchairs and scooters
See the aircraft fuselage and understand seating and transfer options in a plane or car Learn more about other parts of the QEF family of charities

For more information please contact QEF on 0208 770 1151 or E-mail mobility@qef.org.uk

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