Why not take part in a volunteering pilot project

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Would you like to take part in a volunteering pilot project?

With a growing awareness of the health benefits of volunteering, Volunteer Centre Sutton (VCS) are working in partnership with Merton & Sutton Clinical Commissioning Groups (M&SCCG) to pilot an innovative ‘Prescribed Volunteering’ initiative.

Studies have shown that volunteering has a positive effect on health and wellbeing and makes people happier. We would like to understand more about the impact that volunteering may have on a person’s wellbeing.
VCS would love you to be a part of this initiative and help them to gather important evidence to report back to the CCGs.

open-house-london_origWhat is your commitment?
You will be invited for a chat with a member of the VCS Volunteering Team and will be asked to complete a confidential 14 question NHS Wellbeing Assessment and share your score (not answers) with someone from the volunteering team.

You will also be asked to answer 2 questions relating to your attitude to your wellbeing and your local community.

You will need to tell VCS when you start your volunteering and record your hours. VCS will check in with you after 3 months and ask you to redo the NHS Wellbeing Assessment.

VCS will meet up with you before the end of the one year pilot and ask you take your final NHS Wellbeing Assessment and discuss your volunteering to see what difference it has made to you.


If you are interested in taking part in this exciting new initiative please contact Pat Stanley on 0208 6615900 or email volunteer@vcsutton.org.uk

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