Sutton needs local heroes to support vulnerable young people

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Could you be a local hero?
Award winning Sutton based project MAPS is looking for local heroes to become volunteer mentors to support vulnerable young people in the borough.

Why you are needed?
Some young people in Sutton have complex lives, facing many difficult issues including low self esteem, social isolation, challenging family relationships, abuse, loss or bereavement, poverty, self harm ……. Mentor’s are needed to provide each young person referred with a safe space and dedicated time to talk about their situation. Could you be that person that they talk to? Do you have 1 to 2 hours a weeks where you could meet with a young person to listen or engage them in a positive activity?

mapsWhat are we looking for?
No qualifications are needed for this role. We are looking for volunteers who have a positive attitude towards children and young people and a desire to help them achieve their full potential. Someone who is a positive role model, patient, calm, a good listener and who is non-judgemental. Does this sound like you?

Benefits to You:
You will receive 14 hours of comprehensive training that will not only support you in your role as a mentor, but are transferable skills that will support you both in work and your day to day activities. You will gain new skills such as communication, listening and conflict resolution as well as gaining a better understanding of the lives of young people and your community. You will benefit from monthly supervisions from a dedicated coordinator and you will have the opportunity to try lots of exciting and fun activities. Group activities are also a great way to meet other mentors and are real social occasions that connect you to your community. Volunteering can also help increase your own self-confidence, support positive mental health and even advance your career, it is also a great deal of fun! If you would like to find out more or would like to become a volunteer mentor there are a couple of things you can do:-

1) Speak to a member of the MAPS team in 020 8661 5900
2) Email MAPS at
3) Contact us via our website

Date of Training: Friday 11th & Saturday 12th November 2016
Where: Salvation Army, Sutton

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