Can you help to make nine year old Louis’s wish come true?

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Nine-year-old Louis from Carshalton is football mad, so when he was diagnosed with a life-threatening brain tumour two years ago, it put a stop to him playing and he was devastated.

Treatment included surgery to remove the tumour along with his pituitary gland so he no longer produces his own hormones and now needs regular medication. His parents and teachers also carry an emergency injection in case he goes into adrenal crisis.

When his family turned to Make-A-Wish® UK Louis knew straight away that his dearest wish was to have his own astroturf football pitch built in the back garden so he could safely play football again with his friends while his parents were nearby if needed.

wishNow Make-A-Wish is asking the local community to come forward and become #WishMakers to help grant Louis’s wish by providing materials, expertise, manual labour or donations.

For more information on how to support Louis Wish please contact: Ruth Andoh-Baxter, Regional Fundraising Manager at or call 07730 299 845

Louis’s mum Kerstin, who also has two daughters Harli, 10, and Tayla, two, said: “Louis’ condition means we have to go wherever Louis is really when he’s not at school. I have to stay at all parties and watch him when he plays football so having a football pitch of his own would not only be great for Louis and something he’s wanted since he was little but would also mean he can be more independent. It would also mean he could have his friends here rather than me hanging out spending my life at the park which I’m sure as he becomes a teenager would not be cool to do!”
Louis’s family found out about his condition on 20th August 2015 when a scan showed that a large mass – a brain tumour called a craniopharyngioma – was pressing on the pituitary gland at the base of his brain.

His family’s world crumbled and Kerstin recalls: “I felt like someone had shattered my family into teeny tiny little pieces and then run me over with a truck! It’s now our job to try and find the strength to put these pieces back together somehow.”

Surgery to remove the tumour along with Louis’s pituitary gland was successful but it damaged his optic nerve so Louis now has limited vision in his right eye. He has regular check-ups and will need hormone treatment for the rest of his life as he produces no growth hormones or cortisol so can go into life-threatening adrenal crisis if he is injured or becomes dehydrated. He needs medication three times a day and his carers at school and family carry an emergency injection with them at all times.

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