Pensions Regulator issues notices following automatic enrolment

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The Pensions Regulator recently announced that it had issued 4,818 compliance notices and 1,594 £400 fixed penalty notices since the start of automatic enrolment. They also include a case study where an employer in the sports sector was fined over £10,000.

They stress the importance of employers planning early to meet their automatic enrolment obligations particularly ensuring that they speak to their advisers to ensure that they have a clear understanding of what auto-enrolment tasks will be carried out for them.

Harmer Slater and Roger Sutton & Co. have teamed up with Creative AE to offer a comprehensive service to ensure that our clients are in compliance with their auto-enrolment obligations.
Please call Tim Slater on 020 8652 2700 or 020 8943 0972 to discuss how they can help.

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