MP Tom joins with others to defend countryside

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tom-brakeCarshalton and Wallington MP Tom Brake has joined other MPs in a campaign to defend the UK’s countryside and wild places, and support UK action on climate change.

Dozens of environmental rules in the UK, including those leading to cleaner beaches, less polluted air and the protection of marine environments and rare species – from bitterns to butterflies – started life as European agreements, although in many cases they were originally devised and drafted by British Ministers and officials.

The campaign, launched by a coalition of 12 national organisations, aims to ensure that, when these rules are replaced, it is with new standards at least as strong as those set by the EU. This will ensure that the UK’s environment is healthy for all and the UK’s unique wildlife and countryside remain a national treasure.

Tom Brake MP said:

“I am glad to back this campaign because I want government to stand up for the UK’s nature. I hope many more of my colleagues across parliament will join me. In the wake of the referendum, it’s vital for us to reassert the importance of a clean, green and healthy environment – whether that is in Carshalton and Wallington, across the UK or overseas. The UK can and should be a world leader in tackling environmental issues.”

Ben Stafford, Head of public affairs at WWF, said:

“Following the vote to leave the EU, the UK should have the ambition to set the highest environmental standards in the world. By backing the Pledge for the Environment, Tom Brake MP has shown that he understands that a healthy environment is critical to a successful future for our country.”

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