Police ask residents beware of bogus plumbers

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21808321579_7afe0c30e0_zPolice are asking residents to be vigilant after bogus ‘plumbers’ tricked their way into homes to steal money and possessions.

The first incident was in Sutton Common Road, Sutton, when two men entered the home of a 92-year-old male resident on the excuse of checking out damp in the loft. After the caller had left, he found that £1,000 had been stolen. The incident happened sometime between 21 September – 21 October.

The suspects are both described as white men who spoke with a Cockney accent. One was aged about 50, 5ft 9in tall and of heavy build. He was clean shaven and wore a dark suit and tie. The other was aged 20-30, 5ft 10in tall and of chubby build. He had a round face and was clean shaven. He was wearing dark clothing.

The second incident was on Friday, 21 October when cash, jewellery and a laptop were stolen from a family in Grove Road, Sutton, after three suspects called round saying they needed to turn on the taps to check the water pressure.

Police advise residents not to allow unknown and unexpected callers inside their home

Our advice is: ‘If in doubt, keep them out’. Ask to see their ID card and to tell you which company they are from. Close the door leaving them outside and contact the company they are claiming to represent using a business telephone directory or the number on your latest bill. If they are genuine, they will not mind waiting outside.

If you are suspicious and believe the caller is trying to commit a crime call police immediately on 999. We would rather come out and check that everything is OK than to find later, that someone has become a victim of crime.

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