Crossroads regeneration needs you help with planting

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north-cheam-tidy-up-page-001Church hill, Abbotts and Priorys Residents Association and Worcester park residents have gained funding and support to regenerate the cross roads at the Queen Vic junction.

“Hopefully everyone will have seen the improvements on each of the four corners over the last three months. Which has been joint exercise with the residents , Sutton Council and TFL all taking a hand in the improvements, with some spade work by Cllr Richard Marston and our MP Paul Scully,” said Mr Alan Plant.

“The idea was raised by Chapra residents association back in April and received support from various quarters. We are now at the completion having received today 90 odd replacement plants and shrubs to fill the gaps now the dead foliage has been removed, together with a large bag of daffodil bulbs.

“We are seeking help to plant out the shrubs and bulbs, which will transform the cross roads to a much brighter Vista. Sorry about the Queen Vic but there is not much we as a residents association can achieve with that except keep complaining.

“We sincerely hope that Sutton Council will eventually complete the revitalisation of North Cheam and rid us of that Q V eyesore forever. In the meantime we can do our bit at the cross roads.

“If you are able to help if only for an hour or so that would be greatly appreciated and in the spring you can proud of what we have achieved as the cross roads burst into colour.

“We will be on site at the Queen Vic cross roads during the following dates and times.

Thursday 27th October 10 AM until 1PM
Friday 28th October 10AM until 1PM
Saturday 29th October 9AM until 12
Sunday 30th October 9AM until 11AM

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