Secrets of a writers’ commune to be revealed in Life Centre talk

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A tal5686303093_75225c9a16_zk at the Sutton Life Centre this month by the nephew of one of Britain’s top-selling authors of the 1920s and 30s will reveal some of the secrets of a writers’ commune which attracted a number of the best-known authors in the English language in the early part of the 20th century.
D H Lawrence, F Scott Fitzgerald, Graham Greene, Somerset Maugham and other writers all found inspiration over nearly six decades on the Isle of Capri, off the southern Italian coast.
Tony Brett Young, nephew of Francis Brett Young who spent ten years on Capri, will describe the island’s attractions and reveals some of the group’s most intimate stories – not all of them flattering.
The illustrated talk, on Friday 11 November at 7.30pm, will be presented by the Friends of Sutton Life Centre who will provide refreshments. Cost £3 (£2) for members of the Friends.

For further information, or to reserve a place for this event, please contact Tony Brett Young on 020 8652 7622, email him on, or phone Sutton Life Centre Library on 020 8644 9696 or email
Sutton Life Centre, 24 Alcorn Close, Sutton, SM3 9PX. Parking available at the rear of the building till after the talk.

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