Campaign launched to explain what can and cannot be recycled

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recyclingSutton Council has launched a recycling campaign explaining what can and cannot be recycled, and to sort out recycling fact from fiction.

The campaign seeks to clarify which items should go in the brown waste bin or the green recycling bin – for example, disposable coffee cups cannot be recycled, but their lids and sleeves can be.

The council is also seeking to dispel some recycling myths by encouraging borough residents through social media to ask the experts their questions about recycling.

Before launching the campaign, more than 300 Sutton residents were interviewed to assist in understanding borough recycling behaviours.

Sutton Council is working with borough primary schools to run a series of recycling workshops that will be led and delivered by young people.

Sutton residents have also been involved in the project, putting forward ideas and visiting the material recycling facility in Crayford, Kent to see first-hand how the recycling process works.

Graham Catt, a Beddington resident who went to the material recycling facility, said:

“We all need to be careful what we put into the green bin. It surprised me just how much unwanted material, such as plastic bags, had to be removed by hand, at great time and expense.”


Sutton Council successfully bid for funding from the Department of Communities and Local Government and the London Waste and Recycling Board to help residents waste less and recycle more.


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