Sutton’s GPs launch new app to help show where to go for the right treatment

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“Dr Mark Wells, Clinical Lead for Urgent Care, shows patient Margaret Jeffries the new Health Help Now app”

“Dr Mark Wells, Clinical Lead for Urgent Care, shows patient Margaret Jeffries the new Health Help Now app”

NHS Sutton Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) has launched a new digital tool to help local people to understand where they should go for treatment, especially when they need healthcare in a hurry or late at night or at the weekend.

Health Help Now is an app and website which will help people check their symptoms and find advice, and also recommends the best place for treatment – showing which nearby services are open.  Importantly, it will help people get the right advice on the right services helping to reduce unnecessary trips to A&E.


You can access the site online at or download it from the App Store or Google Play.

The app is broken down into different age groups – baby, child, teenager, adult and older adult – making it easier for people to find the right treatment for them.  Health Help Now also offers advice on lots of health problems – such as what to do if you accidentally run out of medication – and has links to dozens of local services in Sutton.  The advice on the app and website has been checked rigorously by local GPs.

Dr Mark Wells, local Sutton GP and Clinical Lead for Urgent Care, said:  “Health Help Now is a really useful tool for local residents to find the best NHS service to treat their health issue. Often people don’t know where to go for help and might end up at A&E when they don’t really need to.  It’s really easy to use and is a great step forward in signposting people to the right health services.

“Having this sort of information online and at a touch of a button will be a big bonus, especially as it will direct local people to the most appropriate place nearby so they can be confident that they are getting the right help. It will also help mean less time being spent at A&E when you could be seen more conveniently elsewhere.”

Find out more at or search on your smartphone app store for Health Help Now.

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