Carew Academy students learn what the Romans did for us!

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The first of a series Carew Academy’s Theme Days took place recently.

The school welcomed Head2Head Theatre to Carew, who offered Lower School pupils an ‘immersive, multi-sensory’ experience of life in Roman times. Pupils also made pottery jars and mosaics, learnt about Roman gods, Roman food, Roman soldiers and Roman numerals. They experienced Roman medicine and enjoyed dressing up in a toga!

In Upper School, Bourne Hall Museum showed pupils a range of Roman artefacts. Pupils learnt what the Romans did for us and about the eruption of Mount Vesuvius and Pompeii. They drew a Roman soldier, made Roman numerals with breadsticks and designed a mosaic pattern. They competed in a Roman sport and against each other as gladiators. They also learnt about unusual Roman foods.

There were many Romans to be seen around the school that day; lots of pupils and staff chose to dress up for the occasion, adding to the historical experience!


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