Massive investment to increase London’s cycling activities

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The Mayor of London has today announced that £154 million per year will be spent on cycling over the next five years. The investment, part of the Transport for London (TfL) draft Business Plan being published later this week, goes well beyond his manifesto commitment to increase the proportion of TfL’s budget spent on cycling.

Over the course of the Business Plan, up to 2021/2022, a total of £770 million will be spent on infrastructure and initiatives to promote cycling. At an average of £154million per year, it is almost double the £79 million per year spent over the last mayoral term. This investment represents an average £17 per head per annum and is on a par with Denmark and the Netherlands.




Ashok Sinha, CEO of the London Cycling Campaign, said:

“This unprecedented investment in cycling shows the Mayor is serious about meeting his promises to triple the extent of London’s protected cycle lanes, fix the most dangerous junctions and enable boroughs to implement major walking and cycling schemes. It will help make London a better, greener, healthier and less congested city.”

Matt Winfield, London Director of national walking and cycling charity, Sustrans, said,

“The Mayor is right to secure this record investment for cycling to tackle dire air quality and improve our health, while making more efficient use of our limited road space.

“It will help more Londoners get around in a way that’s easy and affordable, while making our city an even more attractive place to live, work or do business.”

Joyce Lorigan, Chair of Urban Partners, said: “With unprecedented growth being seen across the international transport hub that is King’s Cross, St Pancras and Euston, this investment in cycling is welcomed. Thousands of workers cycle to this area every day, and thousands more visit or pass through the stations. Improving the safety and provision of cycling will make the area easier to access, more pleasant to move around and ultimately supports the wellbeing of our community, which is at the heart of what we are seeking to achieve”

Cllr Julian Bell, Leader of Ealing Council, said: “The Mayor’s decision to invest record amounts in cycling is great news for all Londoners and is very much welcomed by the boroughs. We want a greener, cleaner and healthier capital. By putting cycling at the heart of our long-term transport plans it will ensure Londoners have a free, easy and healthy way to travel, keeping our city moving, reducing congestion and improving air quality.”

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