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Small group training sessions starting at Westcroft

trainingNew Small Group Training Sessions are available at Westcroft Leisure Centre.

Small Group Training offers an affordable and unique opportunity to explore a new dimension of fitness by merging Group Fitness with Personal Training and offer classes focused on a specialised format, individual progression and skill development.

Whether you’re new to exercise and not sure where to start, or a seasoned gym-goer who needs an extra boost of motivation – working with a personal trainer is a great way to accelerate your results.

Book on to your session at Westcroft Leisure Centre today!

Small group training allows you to share the cost and experience personal training at a fraction of the normal price.
You get the benefits of one-on-one training in a supportive team environment, including an exercise program tailored to your fitness level.
No two sessions will ever be the same. There will be progression in every session so you’ll keep seeing results and never plateau.
Capped class sizes:
Each small group training session has between just three and eight people to ensure that you get quality time with your personal trainer.
Strength in numbers:
Working out alongside other people on the same health and fitness journey provides the additional support, motivation and inspiration you need to achieve your goals.


Click here to book your small group training session today!


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Enjoy the “uncanny carbon copy” of Paul McCartney

Macca-43From the creative team behind the hit show ‘One Night of Elvis: Lee Memphis King’ comes a brand new musical production… Macca the Concert: Celebrating the Music of Paul McCartney

Reuniting the cast of the Hit West End musical, ‘Let it Be’ and starring Emanuele Angeletti as Paul McCartney, this is a celebration of the life and music of a legend. The show includes all of McCartney’s solo hits and a spectacular recreation of the ‘Wings Over America’ 1976 Concert Tour.

Using state of the art visual media projection throughout, this show is unrivalled within the current theatre circuit today.

Experience the drama of “Live and Let Die”, the pathos of “No More Lonely Nights” and the nostalgia of “Band on the Run” alongside many, many more…

“Emanuele Angeletti is an uncanny carbon-copy of Paul” (The Telegraph)

“Emanuele Angeletti has Paul McCartney’s mannerisms down to a T” (The Guardian)

“Angeletti has all the Macca charm one would hope for!” (Musical theatre review – London)

“The brilliant Emanuele Angeletti. From the cheeky smiles to the foot tapping and nods to the audience, his interpretation of Paul is quite simply perfect. Along with the accompanying vocals of a captive audience, this moment defined Angeletti as one of the best, if not the best, musician to have performed as McCartney.” (The low down magazine – Liverpool)

Wednesday 1 February, 7.30pm
Tickets: £23 – £33
Online: ATGTICKETS.COM/Richmond* Box Office: 08448717651*
*Fees apply. Calls cost up to 7p per min, plus your phone company’s access charge.

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London’s Mayor announces plans for capital wide Victims’ Commissioner

992_496_mayor_6369_may2016-1The Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan, is set to appoint the first independent Victims’ Commissioner for London in a step-change in improving the experience of victims and survivors of crime in the capital.

An advertisement for the new role has been published today, seeking a candidate who can ensure the voices of victims are heard and can influence the development of victims’ services across policing, crime and the criminal justice system.

This new role  is part of the Mayor’s new draft Police and Crime Plan – currently under public consultation – which puts victims at the heart of his policing strategy.

Sadiq Khan said today the role would ‘stand up for survivors of crime throughout the capital’.

The new Victims’ Commissioner will work with central government and stakeholders including the Met Police, Crown Prosecution Service, Ministry of Justice and victims themselves, reporting directly into the Deputy Mayor for Policing and Crime, Sophie Linden.

They will support her and the Mayor in overseeing the Met’s work to protect victims and in challenging the capital’s criminal justice agencies to improve services for victims, witnesses and their families.

Sadiq Khan’s work for victims has already led to an additional £4million to improve services for those who have suffered domestic and sexual abuse, and the UK’s first online ‘live chat’ service for victims in the capital who may find it difficult to access support over the phone or in person. Last year, he also launched the first ever London-wide restorative justice programme. Led by those who have experienced crime, it aims to cut reoffending rates and help victims recover and move on with their lives.

This will be the first time a Victims’ Commissioner has been appointed specifically for the capital, and will complement the national role which was created in 2010 to cover England and Wales.


The Mayor is also bringing together housing providers, charities and health practitioners at City Hall today to launch a new housing agreement for Londoners at risk from domestic and sexual violence. The new Pan-London Housing Reciprocal allows social housing tenants to move to another area within the capital in a collaborative approach to help keep Londoners safe.

Mark Castle, Chief Executive of the independent charity Victim Support, said:  “The impact of crime can be devastating, with far reaching consequences for victims whose needs often go beyond the criminal justice system.  We wholeheartedly support the Mayor’s initiative to appoint a Victims’ Commissioner who can ensure that agencies across London, with a role in helping victims, work together to deliver an integrated pathway of quality services.

“We look forward to working closely with the new Commissioner to improve the experience of victims of crime in London.”

The Victims Commissioner will be appointed for a term of three years.

Fay Maxted OBE, CEO of The Survivors Trust, said: “It is wonderful news that the Mayor has announced the appointment of a Victims’ Commissioner for London.  According to the British Crime Survey for England and Wales, there are an estimated one and a half million people in London who experienced sexual abuse as a child and each year 24,000 adults in London experience rape or sexual assault. Many victims never report what has happened to them and many struggle to find appropriate support and help.  An independent Victims’ Commissioner for London will be able to ensure that their needs and interests are taken into consideration at all levels of policy development and service delivery, and we look forward to working with them to reach out to all survivors across London.”

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Mayor backs calls for further powers to be devolved to capital

britain-2938_640The Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan, has endorsed the findings of a major new report that calls for further powers to be devolved to the capital in the aftermath of the decision to leave the European Union.

Following last year’s referendum, Sadiq Khan tasked the London Finance Commission to bring forward a new, beefed-up set of devolution proposals, arguing that nothing should be ruled out when it comes to giving London a stronger voice and the tools it needs to protect jobs, wealth and prosperity.

Today, the Commission, a group of cross-party political and business leaders led by Professor Tony Travers from the London School of Economics, has published a comprehensive, wide-ranging suite of devolution requests that will be presented to ministers. This builds on an initial set of devolution measures for the capital proposed by the Commission in 2013.

The overall approach that the Commission recommends is to bring London in line with most other global cities by allowing the capital’s government control over a much wider range of taxes, in exchange for lower levels of government grant.

This would enable the City to operate more efficient, effective and integrated services, bring forward infrastructure investment vital for growth, and reform property and other taxes which do not operate well in London.

Modest devolution of this nature would also enable Whitehall to concentrate on the biggest challenge facing the country, leaving the EU and building new global trading relationships.

The key recommendation of today’s report, entitled ‘Devolution: a capital idea’ are:

  • The government should work with the Mayor, London Councils and other local authorities to consult on the potential operation of a modest tourism levy which is already operated in international cities such as New York, Paris, Berlin, Rome and Amsterdam and would be used to promote tourism in London.
  • London’s government should be assigned a percentage of Londoners’ income tax yield – broadly to match its overall expenditure, as and when further devolution occurs.
  • If a larger share of public expenditure is devolved to London, the possibility of assigning a proportion of London businesses’ VAT yield to London’s government should also be considered.
  • The report endorses recommendations from 2013 that the full suite of property taxes should be devolved to London’s government. This includes the operation and setting of council tax and business rates and the devolution of stamp duty
  • The apprenticeship levy, due to be implemented from 2017, should be devolved to London in order to fund a wide range of skills and employment initiatives in the capital, as decided by London’s government
  •  A share of London’s contribution to vehicle excise duty (VED) revenue should be devolved for improvements to nationally strategic roads within the capital.
  • The Government should consider devolving air passenger duty (APD) raised in London to so that the capital has the flexibility and autonomy to consider making local adjustments to the tax and to provide more diverse sources of revenue.
  •  London’s share of the soft drinks industry levy should be retained within the capital, with a longer-term view to devolving it fully, including the ability to set the rate. In the longer term (post 2020), London government should also consider other health-related taxes, including a sugar sales tax and a saturated fat tax, to be devised and fully managed by London government.

Professor Tony Travers, London Finance Commission, said: “The vote to leave the EU makes the case for further devolution more acute. It cannot be assumed that the current degree of fiscal centralisation within the UK is the only way of doing things.

“At present, the centralised nature of UK government makes it virtually impossible for the Mayor and the boroughs to bring about the required structural change to address the types of inequalities Londoners face, from housing to household income.

“This report makes the case for a much more ambitious devolutionary settlement for London. It argues that by giving London government greater power over the tax base and public services, the city’s leaders would be provided with stronger incentives to develop its economy and opportunities to reform public services.”

The Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan, said: “I fully endorse the recommendations of this excellent report and would like to thank Professor Tony Travers and the London Finance Commission for examining this vital issue.

“London has the same population as Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland combined, but we have far less control over how our economy and public services are run.

“Giving London more control would allow us to manage the current economic uncertainty in the aftermath of the EU referendum, giving London the stronger voice it needs so we can protect jobs, growth and prosperity for the future.

“Now is the time for the Government to seize the moment and unleash the spirit of devolution seen in other parts of the UK the capital can continue to drive the UK economy for decades to come.”

Cllr Claire Kober OBE, Chair of London Councils, said: “This report vindicates our long-held position, and delivers a clear message that Government simply cannot ignore. The Mayor and boroughs must be given new powers if we are to realise economic growth in London and the UK and prepare for the huge challenges that lie ahead. This is critical to being able to deliver the jobs, homes and transport that Londoners need.”

Steve Reed MP, a member of the All Party Parliamentary Group for London, said: The London Finance Commission has again produced a well-argued and evidenced report. It is persuasive in making the case for a bolder approach to devolution in England, one that allows London and other areas more control over the taxes generated, decision-making and delivery of public services.

The UK’s departure from the EU has made the case for devolution even stronger. Providing London’s government with a stable tax base to invest in the capital’s infrastructure over the longer term will send a clear message that London and the UK are open for global trade.

Cllr Jon Collins, Core Cities Cabinet Member for Finance and Investment; Leader of Nottingham City Council, said: “The London Finance Commission focuses on our capital city, but it also makes a strong case for Government to be more ambitious in giving all the great cities of the UK real powers to invest in infrastructure and to improve the living standards of their citizens. Even after the devolution deals of the last two years we are still a heavily centralised country.

Whitehall needs to loosen its grip and trust our cities to make the right decisions. Business rates will be devolved, and this needs to happen in a way which maintains the principles of fairness and distribution, but in a post-Brexit landscape we have to wake up to the fact that cities drive growth for nations not the other way around.

If we want all our cities to create more economic growth, jobs and raise living standards across the country, we need to get serious about creating more local control over public finances. Local people should have more say over how the taxes raised from them are spent. A better distribution of national growth is what we see across Europe, and an example we can learn from before we leave the EU.”

Chief Executive of London Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Colin Stanbridge said: “As our capital faces the challenges of an increasing population and an approaching Brexit, London Chamber welcomes this report as a means to mobilise political and business leaders to prepare for the future.

“London is forecast to achieve megacity status by 2030 with over 10million citizens. To caterfor that, retaining more London generated taxes and securing new competencies is be key.

“The London Finance Commission has offered 25 recommendations that will not only benefit the capital – but the wider UK.  As London grows, the UK grows; the procurement and supply chain of TfL alone provides contracts and jobs across much of the UK.

“London currently has to endure Whitehall centralisation to deliver the projects that will keep the capital competitive in a post Brexit world. To counter that, move with pace and service the London of tomorrow, more power and responsibility needs to be devolved to City Hall.”

John Dickie, Director of Strategy and Policy at business group, London First, said: “London is a great city, attracting businesses, their people and visitors from around the UK and across the world. But our growing population is a huge challenge for London’s infrastructure, from roads and rail to housing and utilities.

London’s government needs more control of the taxes raised in the capital, so it can plan, fund and finance the investments this growing city needs.”

Mark Fenwick, Chairman Fenwick & Founding Director New West End Company, said: “The London Finance Commission has produced a report that New West End Company members fully support and London business should welcome.

It sets out clearly why fiscal devolution matters – it allows for local taxes to operate more fairly with safeguards for business; it brings a strong economic incentive to decision-making with an increased tax yield over time to re-invest into London and it increases local accountability. We now have a real opportunity to integrate this report into the government’s industrial strategy to drive innovation, jobs and economic growth.

Bharat Mehta, Chief Executive of Trust for London, said: “The level of control Londoners have over finances generated in the Capital falls far short of most global cities. That’s why we need government action on the measures set out in this report.

But devolution must not stop at City Hall or even town hall. We must ensure that the voices of local communities and everyday Londoners are heard and respected when decisions are being made about how to spend tax money that has been raised locally.”

Matthew Bolton, Deputy Director and Lead Organiser for London Citizens, said: “Devolution of fiscal powers to London would bring decision-making closer to the people. Greater participation of citizens and proximity to communities in turn makes for better decision-making. Londoners want to be in the lead on devolution, not lagging behind other regions,and now is the time for Government to act.”

For more information and to access the full report, please visit:


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Tram services disrupted as track is replaced

sv-icon-copy-1Transport for London is advising customers that, due to track replacement work, Tram services between Wimbledon and Mitcham will not operate from 11 February through to 20 February.

The work, which is part of the Tram network’s regular maintenance programme, will involve replacing 750 metres of track between Morden Road and Merton Park, as well as replacing both track and signals in the Dundonald Road crossing area, which will also involve the closure of the road. During this time a road diversion route will be in operation.

Rory O’Neill, TfL’s Director of Trams, said: `Replacing the track and signals will reduce the need for further maintenance at these locations for many years to come and minimise future disruption for customers and local residents.

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New fire engine on show – first one in decade

new fire tenderThis week the London Fire Brigade is rolling out a brand new model of fire engine for the first time in a decade.  The new engine includes a high pressure hose which can deliver twice as much water than the previous model and a more ergonomic crew cab.

A new vehicle being rolled out to stations across London over the coming months.


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Sutton’s Living Memory celebrates £9,000 Heritage Lottery fund grant

Carshalton war memorial 1929 1An exciting project to pay tribute to 130 men and one woman of the Great War who are buried in Sutton Borough cemeteries has received major backing thanks to National Lottery players.  Sutton’s Living Memory will embark on a range of events over the next year involving the widest possible cross section of residents in the borough.

The project, which is being sponsored by the Friends of Sutton Life Centre, will receive £9,100 from the Heritage Lottery Fund (HLF).  The Friends are running this initiative in conjunction with the London Borough of Sutton’s World War One Forum. This was established to co-ordinate and highlight all of the various activities taking place throughout the four years that have been designated to recognise the centenary of the First World War (1914—18).

To get involved in this innovative and exciting project please contact

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National Citizen service explained to Carew Academy

national_citizen_service_logo.jpg__380x400_q85_cropYear 11 and 12 pupils at Carew Academy were delighted to welcome Luke Quinn from the National Citizen Service to tell them all about the programme. The National Citizen Service runs an exciting programme for young people, developing a whole range of life skills that promote greater levels of independence and citizenship.

The school is holding a parents evening workshop, which will also be attended by Luke, on Wednesday February 1st at 6pm. Parents of any Y11 or Y12 student are warmly invited to attend.

To find out more about the National Citizen Service please visit their website:

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Total Who aiming to be greatest exponents of The Who music

Total Who newTotal Who by Johnny Warman’s Magic Bus is to perform at Sutton’s Boom Boom Club on Friday February 3.

JOHNNY WARMAN’s TOTAL WHO aim to be the greatest exponents of the music of The Who. As Johnny says: ‘We have our own unique form of delivery, and Maximum Entertainment; just as it says on their Iconic Poster. Why not come along and be the “In Crowd” once again’!!!

For full details go to Boom Boom Club

The high octane set includes the music from the early years; all the hits including: Magic Bus / Won’t Get Fooled Again / Substitute / I’m A Boy / I Can’t Explain / I’m Free / Pinball Wizzard / Behind Blue Eyes / Squeeze Box / 5.15 and highlights from Tommy, Live at Leeds and Quadrophenia.

MAGIC BUS is Johnny Warman vox (Ringo Starr/Humble Pie/Peter Gabriel/Asia), Andy Neve keys (The Move/Steve Hackett/Alison Moyet), Matt Backer gtr (amazing award winning guitarist with ABC/Steve Winwood/Julian Lennon), session bassist Steve Tilling & Richard Willoughby dr (One of The Foo Fighters’ Dave Grohl’s favourite drummers).

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Healthy Eagles land at Bandon Hill Primary

Mark Bright played a healthy food game with parents and pupils
Mark Bright played a healthy food game with parents and pupils

Bandon Hill Primary School welcomed famous Crystal Palace players and coaches to their school recently.

The visit came as part of the Healthy Eagles Programme, which is designed to engage with children, who find attending school and PE lessons or sports clubs difficult. The programme gives an opportunity to nurture children and improve attainment through sport, whilst trying to get the inactive – ACTIVE!


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