Sutton Community Transport set up travel scheme for people with learning difficulties

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sutton community transportSutton Community Transport has set up a travel safety scheme for people with learning difficulties, to enable and encourage them to use public transport. The programme covers different areas of travel, including using public transport, safety in the community and personal safety, focussing on preparing for ‘out of the ordinary’ events such as a diverted route, missing a bus stop, or witnessing anti-social behaviour.

“When our BedZED group participated in this event, one student in particular, Amir, really stood out on the day. Amir was engaged throughout the session for a full hour with no support, he interacted well with the event team and answered most of the safety questions correctly. Amir also took the lead when demonstrating to staff members and peers a safe way of crossing the road. This is a big achievement for Amir, he demonstrated excellent communication skills and brilliant orientation and mobility skills, by showing knowledge and awareness about safety when out in the community,” said a statement on the Orchard hill College website.

“Anna, Amir’s Teacher said “One question that Amir did get wrong was about looking after your belongings when out in the community, but when back at College later in the day, Amir reflected upon this and ensured that you must always look after your belonging, this demonstrated Amir was engaged and that the training was effective. Well done Amir!”


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