A night of Roxy Magic at the Boom Boom club

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roxymagic2010A Tribute to Roxy Music and Brian ferry is the next great event at Sutton’s Boom Boom club on Friday February 17.

For full details go to Boom Boom.

Featuring the stunning look-alike, sound-alike Kevin Hacket as Bryan Ferry, ROXY MAGIC are a 7 piece experienced musicians who combine to reproduce the diverse music and imagery of the hugely influential ROXY MUSIC and pop icon BRYAN FERRY.

ROXY MAGIC perform their set of best remembered ROXY MUSIC hits totally live, believing it’s to be more dynamic than playing with the aid of backing tracks. Their show is a celebration of the sounds of ROXY MUSIC and BRYAN FERRY and comes fully contained with stage lighting and sound rig. Because of the unique range of ROXY MUSIC and BRYAN FERRY’s music, from art rock to disco, 30’s ballads to rock & roll and ultimately to the smooth sophistication of ‘Avalon’, the set has a great deal to offer to a wide audience.

Remember and enjoy ‘Virginia Plain’, ‘Avalon’, ‘Dance Away’, ‘Street Life’, ‘Love is the Drug’, ‘Let’s Stick Together’ along with a host of massive hits and proven live favourites like ‘Re-Make/Re-Model’, ‘Ladytron’ and ‘Both Ends Burning’.

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