Fantaistic five delivered over 25 years by same doctor

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A local family has said it was “fate” that enabled an Epsom and St Helier hospitals obstetrician to deliver five members of their clan over 25 years and two generations.

Dr Madhab Saha, who began practising medicine back in 1974 and specialises in obstetrics and gynaecology, has helped to deliver approximately 2,000 babies during his 43-year career.

In 1991, Madhab delivered Georgia Anthony, followed by her twin siblings Courteney and Oliver in 1993, and brother Frederick in 1995. Then “by chance” in December 2016 he delivered his fifth member of the Anthony family, Georgia’s son Ronnie. All five of the family were born by caesarean at Epsom Hospital.

Madhab, who entered semi-retirement seven years ago, said he feels a special connection to the Anthony family. He explained: “I couldn’t believe how my involvement in the arrival of Ronnie happened as in 2010 I began working part-time, so I am only at Epsom once or twice a week – being around on that day to help Georgia really was by chance! I didn’t know I had delivered five members of her family over two generations, something which when I think about it is quite amazing.

“I hope I am still around at Epsom to deliver another member of the Anthony family – I feel so connected to them all. I’d like to send little Ronnie, Georgia and the family my best wishes – I hope they are all continuing to thrive!”

Georgia’s mum Ruth said the “amazing” Madhab is like family to them and they cannot thank him enough for all he has done. She explained: “I was my daughter’s birthing partner and I recognised Madhab as he was walking around the ward with another consultant, and I said to him ‘you’re not going to believe this you delivered my daughter 25 years ago.’ He hasn’t changed at all; Madhab is such a kind and caring man.

“He wasn’t meant to be working that day, he just came in by chance saw Georgia and stayed to deliver Ronnie. Madhab always comes back to you and explains his decisions and he popped in to check on Georgia and pose for pictures with us after Ronnie was born. I’ve already said I am going to text him to be on standby if Georgia does decide to have another baby!”

Georgia added: “Having Madhab on hand made me feel safe and helped the experience of giving birth for the first time be so much easier. Madhab is an incredible doctor with many “amazing” achievements he should be proud of over his 43 years in medicine.”

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