Limehouse Lizzy appearing at Boom Boom club

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LimehouseLizzy picRegarded as one of the UK’s leading tribute bands LIMEHOUSE LIZZY take their name partly from their East London origins and partly from their musical heroes Thin Lizzy. Limehouse pay homage to the kings of Classic Rock and Phil Lynott in particular.

They are playing at Sutton’s Boom Boom club on Thursday 30 Mar. For full details go to CLUB

Thin Lizzy were a unique blend of Celtic Rock, and were blessed with one the most charismatic front men in the business. Limehouse Lizzy are similarly fortunate in having Lynott lookalike/soundalike Wayne Ellis.

Playing a blistering two set show, Limehouse have already headlined the Philo Festival in Dublin a couple of times, and have recently taken to the theatres with their “Still in Love With You” show.

However, it is back in the intimate club setting that their tribute to Lizzy works best. With a full repertoire of Lizzy and Lynott’s greatest efforts from: “
The Boys Are Back in Town”, “Suicide” and “Dancing in The Moonlight” to “Whiskey in The Jar”, “Sarah”, “Parisienne Walkways” and “The Cowboy Song / Rosalie,

Limehouse Lizzy recreate the atmosphere and passion of the days of Classic Rock and when the multi talented Phil Lynott was still with us.

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