Wellbeing team planning to “Live Below the Line”

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sv-icon-copy-1The Wellbeing Team from Sutton Uplift based at the Jubilee Clinic in Wallington from South West London and St George’s NHS Trust are taking on the Live Below the Line Challenge to raise money for Sutton’s Local Food Bank.

This will entail the team living on £1 per day each, for all our food and drink over a five day period from May 8th- 12th.
“As a team, we often spend time together eating. Often times, quite extravagantly,” said a spokesperson.

“We always have fresh coffee and fruit, mountains of Quorn scotch eggs, cereal etc. A team meeting isn’t complete without snacks and all team building activities tend to relate back to food in some way.
“We figured that this would really challenge us, to experience and share some of the hardships faced by local people who live in extreme poverty.
“We’d like to invite anyone who fancies it to join in with us – you can raise money using the team just giving page, drop me an email and we’ll share our recipes or plans on how to survive. Otherwise, please consider sponsoring us on the link below – or sharing the link with your friends and relatives & on social media. It’s a great cause.
Look out on Uplift’s facebook & twitter across the week of the event, we’re hoping to have a blog, share how we are getting on and also keep people updated with local anti-poverty initiatives and poverty reduction schemes.

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